What is the Quest for a Million?

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1 Jan 2012

On November 30th, 2011, I started doing what a lot of people do at the end of the year. I was thinking about my year, and where I wanted my business to go in the next year. I was happy with what I had accomplished so far, but wanted to change things in two different ways.

First, I want to help more people learn how to make money online. While I don’t know the exact numbers, I keep reading the statistic that 98% of Internet Marketers don’t make any money online, and I want to help change that. I’ve learned quite a few ways to make money online, and want to help more people do the same.

Second, while I have been reasonably successful online, I want to do more testing, create more websites, and bring my business to the next level.

And so The Quest for a Million was born.

My goal is to help both you, as well as myself make a million dollars online. How will I do this? I plan on trying many new things, sharing what is working, and what is not. I’ll share with you how much I’m making with what types of websites, so that you can then take what works and start creating your own.

So what makes me different from all of the other successful Internet Marketers out there?

Well, the guru’s all say ‘If I was starting over, this is what I would do…’, but they never do it. They make a lot of their money because of the fact that they are well known, successful Internet Marketers. So I want to start here, from scratch, and start making money, so that you as well as I can begin our quest for a million dollars together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still spend time working on my other websites that currently make money, but I will keep those out of here, so that you can see what kind of work goes into something, and the timeline you can make money when starting from scratch.

I’m going to start with brand new websites, and tell you every step of the way what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, what’s working, and what’s not. Hopefully this will help you, so that you too can make money online.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll follow along and join in, with your own quest to make a million.

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