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4 Jan 2012
Creating Content

Now that I’ve mentioned the first two websites I’ve started creating this year, you might be interested in knowing what types of content I’m putting on these niche websites.

Since my goal is to get a lot of free traffic from search engines, I’m creating the content myself so that I can control the quality, length, and keywords used. Also, since I’m referring people to sites to purchase something and not just have then click on an AdSense link, I’m also trying to make the content very helpful to the user.

How am I doing this? Well, with both of these websites, I am writing articles that review products or services. In order to have a diversity of posts, I am also going to write articles comparing the products to one another, as well as some articles that use specific keywords found in Market Samurai. I figure these will be great keywords to get people to the site, and even if these articles don’t send users to buy a product, they might click around on the site and find something that helps them.

I am trying to make the posts on these sites as helpful as I can, so for my reviews I am doing one of two things. For the products/services I have not used before, I am giving them as much information as I can. I’m researching features, and seeing what other people like and don’t like about them. For the products/services that I have used before, I’m including all of the above, and am also writing about my experiences, what I liked, and what I didn’t.

I’m careful to list the negatives as well, because I don’t want to mislead someone, and have them end up buying something that wasn’t what they were looking for. That’s just not the type of person that I am. Plus, if they don’t like it they will just return it, so I would lose the commission either way.

I’m not trying to make each post a certain amount of words, but I’d say that an average post has 400 or more words, since I’m trying to give as much helpful information as I can.

I’d say it’s taking me about 45 minutes per post from start to finish. That includes getting affiliate links, finding pictures to use, writing the post, and posting it.

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