Turns out Market Samurai Really Works Well!

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13 Jan 2012
Market Samurai

Who knew it would work so well?

I knew that Market Samurai worked, because of all of the reviews I read prior to trying it and buying it just last month.

But I didn’t realize until today how well it worked, and how fast.

On January 2nd, I wrote a post explaining how I choose the niches for my websites.

I wanted to use an example, but really didn’t want to use one of my current niches. For some odd reason, fishing came into my head. I figured that I have no interest in fishing, and would never create a website that had anything to do with fishing, so I decided to use that as an example.

After using Market Samurai, and entering the keyword “fishing” into it, I took a look at the results. There were a few that looked decent, but bamboo fishing poles had great results.  Plus, it’s a product that someone could buy, so I thought it was the perfect keyword.  So I decided to use that as an example.

Well…this website hasn’t been up long, so while it has been spidered by Google, I haven’t gotten any traffic to my website  yet due to the search engines.

So imagine my surprise when I went to Google Webmaster Tools just a short while ago. Under “search queries”, I have had 3 different queries that have showed this website as a result.

What were the 3 queries?

  1. bamboo fishing rod
  2. bamboo fishing pole
  3. bamboo fishing poles

Forgetting the fact that this is a new website, it has absolutely nothing to do with fishing, and that post was the only post that mentioned bamboo fishing poles, or fishing at all.  That shows how great a keyword it is!

I’m sure if I had created an entire website with bamboo fishing poles as my main keyword, or even a website about something fishing related with a few pages on bamboo fishing poles, I’d easily rank well for the keyword bamboo fishing poles.

Now, you can feel free to use this keyword for yourself, but I feel I should give you this warning. I did take a quick look, and didn’t find that many bamboo fishing poles that were being sold online. So if you’re going to use the keyword, I’d strongly suggest maybe just having one page or only a small number of pages dedicated to bamboo fishing poles, and use the rest of the website to talk about something in the same area but uses other keywords.

Let me know if you decide to use it, and what kind of results you get.

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