What is PopShops and Why am I using it?

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19 Jan 2012

This is what it looks like while creating a PopShops Shop

In my next post, I’m going to write about the next two websites that I’ve been working on.

One of these websites will be a PopShops site, and I know that I didn’t know anything about PopShops until shortly before I started using it, so I wanted to share with you exactly what it does, and how it works.

PopShops is a coupon and product feed platform. It makes it very easy (point and click easy) to create a webpage full of products to sell from your favorite retailers.

How does it work? First, you must apply to and be accepted to individual affiliate programs from your favorite affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, Share a Sale, Linkshare, and more. Once you are approved in the programs that you want to promote products for, it’s easy.

You create a new “shop”, and put in your keywords. For my example in this post, let’s say I was going to create a page that sold fishing rods. I would put the keyword “fishing rods” into the search box, and then all of the stores that sold fishing rods would be returned in a list, along with the fishing rods they were selling.

I can then go through each one, and with the click of my mouse, add them to my store. NOTE: All stores that have fishing poles will be returned. Make sure you’re an affiliate of that store, or you won’t make any commissions on it. Also, any product that has the words fishing poles will be returned, so you might get a book on fishing poles, or a fishing pole holder.

Once you have finished the page, you click on another button to get the code. You then copy and paste it into your website, and you now have a page full of products to sell!

Since you can customize the page – colors, number of products in each row, etc., it looks great and like it was created for your website.

PopShops Shop

Here is an example of a PopShops Shop

As you can see in the picture above, it shows you all of the fishing rods that you chose while in PopShops. Since I just did a preview, and didn’t put it on my website, it looks kind of plain, but once you put it on your website it looks more like it fits in.

Once you put this page up, whenever anyone clicks on any of these links and buys something, you’ll get the affiliate commissions for it…and you didn’t have to sit there and put in your links for each individual item. It saves a LOT of time if you’re trying to promote a lot of products.

Is this right for every website? Of course not. But if you’re looking for an easy and relatively inexpensive way to showcase products, this will do it.

They have 3 plans, ranging from $14.99 – $59.99 a month. I have the one in the middle, at $29.99 a month, and use it on quite a few websites. I love that I can easily create a new web page in about a minute or so, and then move on to the next thing I want to work on.

I have only one major complaint with PopShops. Like I mentioned earlier, when you get the results with your keyword search, all companies that sell products with those keywords will be shown, whether you’re a member of that affiliate program or not. When you’re like me and are a part of hundreds of affiliate programs, it is impossible to remember them all. This causes me to have to often log into CJ, Linkshare, etc… to first check to see if I am indeed an affiliate of that program before I put any products from that company in my shop. If it could take into account what programs I was apart of, it would make things so much easier.

Learn more about PopShops

If this type of thing interests you, there are also other programs out there that do somewhat similar things, and the price definitely varies on them.  I know the following sites offer nice easy product feeds, although I must admit I don’t know much about them. For Me To Coupon (with a free 30 day trial), AvantLink (which is free), and GoldenCan (which is also free.)

Now that you have more of an idea about what PopShops is and how it works, it will make more sense when tomorrow I write about the test I am doing with two websites I am creating.

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