Testing Two New Sites to See which Works Better

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24 Jan 2012
Testing 2 Websites

Since the two niche websites I’m working on are taking up so much of my time, the next websites I created needed to be something that was quick, easy, and something that didn’t require much concentration. You know, the kind of work that you can do while watching TV at night.

So I decided to take two websites, and test what works better: PopShops (which I talked about in my last post), and using a Price Checker plugin that I purchased on the Warrior Forum (I’m not sure if it’s still for sale.)

The Price Checker plugin lets you enter in a keyword, and then choose specific products that you want to show from Amazon, CJ, and Linkshare, in a table format, one item per row.  Since it is a price checker, the items will be displayed lowest price first.

In order to make this a fair test, I’m using the same keyword in both domains, using the same exact theme for both domains, and am even using the same keywords for the specific posts…just not in the exact same order so the websites aren’t too similar.

The only difference at all between the sites are that one has the posts created by PopShops, and the other by the Price Checker Plugin. I figure this way I’ll see which works better and if there is a big difference, I might change over my other websites to which ever one wins.

I also plan on writing some articles on each site, and while I will write different articles for each site, again I will use the same keywords to keep things fair.

As far as pricing goes, I pay $29.99 a month for PopShops, and I paid a one time fee of $24.00 for Price Checker.

I don’t have a clue what will win out short term, but my guess is that long term PopShops will win. Why? Because PopShops has a feature that you can turn on (with 1 click) that if the product you chose is no longer for sale, it will put a similar product up for you. Price Checker has no such feature. So a year from now, if products change that much, PopShops will still have a full set of products, while Price Checker will not.

This means that unless I spend time updating Price Checker, eventually everything will be outdated.  I’m not exactly sure what Price Checker does when an item is not available any longer, so that will be something I keep an eye on as well.

To make it easy, in the future I’ll refer to these websites as PopShops1 and PriceChecker1.

I’m really looking forward to getting some more content up on these websites. It takes me less than 5 minutes to put up a post for either site. The longest part of the whole process is coming up with a keyword, so I know soon I’ll have a lot of content ready to drip onto each website.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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