Which Makes More Money? Articles with Affiliate Links or with AdSense?

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28 Feb 2012
what makes more money, affiliate links or adsense links?

Multiple streams of income is one of my favorite phrases, and I really believe that it’s something everyone should have.  This way if one way of making money online stops working, it’s not a big deal since you have many other websites making money in different ways.

Many people who have businesses online also try to have a few passive sites that they spend a few hours putting up, and then don’t need to touch, hopefully making them passive income month after month.

If this is the case with you, then you’ve probably had the same question.

Which site will generate more income? A site with lots of great content leading to affiliate links? Or a site with less in-depth articles with AdSense links?

This is what I’m going to try to figure out with my the next set of websites I put up this month. The domain names are very similar, and are in the exact same niche. The WordPress theme is the same on both sites, as well as all of the plugins. The only difference is the content and the affiliate links vs. AdSense links.

I will say that it did not take long to get traffic to the sites. I put both sites up on February 13th, and started getting traffic to NicheWebsite3a (the one with affiliate links) on the 16th. Now, I only have 3 posts up for NicheWebsite3a, and 2 posts on NicheWebsite3b, so I really need to add more…but this is definitely a great start. This goes to show that the niche you choose is very important, since all I’ve done besides write the posts is use is RSSBot, which pings certain websites telling them about my new post. There has been no other promotion, so any traffic is coming from search engines after they indexed the sites.

While I already have affiliate links on NicheWebsite3a, I have not put AdSense links yet on NicheWebsite3b. Why? From all of the reading I’ve done, it seems that you’ll do better if you start getting traffic to the site first before putting the links, so I’m going to wait a few weeks before I add them.

While I would think that a site with affiliate links would make more money in the long run since each time someone purchases something the commission would be $8+, the good thing about AdSense links is that the visitor doesn’t have to buy anything – just click on a link…so there is a lot greater chance of that happening than someone buying something.

So once I get a decent amount of posts (I’m going for 20ish on each site for now), and some time passes, we’ll be able to see which site is doing better.

As far as content, I will be writing all of the content for NicheWebsite3a, as I learn as much about the products as I can in order to tell others about them. As far as NicheWebsite3b, I have written a few of the posts, but I don’t know that much about this niche and will have more generic information on this blog.  I will also be getting some content from article directories such as EzineArticles.  They allow you to repost articles from their website as long as you follow their terms of service, such as keeping all links intact, and only using up to 25 articles a year from them.

It will be very interesting to see which does better, and will also help me decide which type of website I should create more of in the future.  It would be a lot easier for me if the AdSense site does better, since those types of sites require a lot less work from me…but we’ll see!

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