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21 Feb 2014
Yawning Polar Bear

A while back, I started this blog, “The Quest for a Million” so that I could share how I was growing my business towards a million dollars.

The problem?

It bored even me!

I realized that I didn’t want to give away some of the specifics of my websites, because unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that when they hear a website is making money, not just take the idea, but will often just take the whole website!

And I really didn’t enjoy being very vague.

So…it finally occurred to me.

I want to show you my “real life” quest for a million dollars.

And that involves both making, and saving money.

I’ll still talk about some of the things I’m doing with my business to help make money, so that you can see what types of things work and what types of things don’t…

But I’ll also talk about some of the other things I do to earn a little extra money, or even save money…because saving money can be even better than making it!

It’ll be more of a personal blog, sharing how I’m getting closer to a million each day.

So, I hope you’ll find this interesting, and that it’ll give you some great ideas on how to go towards your first million as well.

I know to me it’s a whole lot more interesting than some vague “Niche Website 3a” made $3 dollars today!

Plus, since I’m now not talking JUST about my online business, you’ll probably notice that I’m a bit more open about certain things I’ve found…

For example…when a new product is released, it’s the BEST time to talk about it!

It may seem obvious now that I’ve said it. But when something new is released, especially when you see commercials about it or people start talking about it on TV shows, it’s the best time to post about it since people are interested and want to learn more about it.

Not that long ago, the Beachbody’s P90X3 was released.

I posted about it right before it was released, just listing everything that I knew about it, and who it would be able to help.

And in the past few months, I’ve made quite a few sales from it!

Sure, I probably would have made some sales if I promoted one of the older Beach Body products, but by promoting the latest one, I knew a lot more people would be searching for information about it – plus there wouldn’t be that many other options for information since the product was so new.

So I hope you enjoy this new format, and that it helps make you money and get you on your way to a million dollars!

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