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When just starting out, you might not know what you need to get started. You might think you need to spend a lot of money, but you really don’t. To help, I’m going to share the things I’m using to build my business as well as make things easier.

The Basics:

BlueHost – This is what I use to host almost all of the websites I’ll be talking about on this blog.
GoDaddy – This is where I purchase all of my domains.
WordPress – If you want an easy way to start a website, use WordPress. This is what almost all of my sites use, and not only is it free, but there are many free WordPress themes as well.

Keyword Research:

Market Samurai – This makes keyword research easy, and has so much more. You can get a free 1-week trial, which is how I started out, and I liked it so much I bought it. Plus, if you get the 1-week trial first, you’ll get a discount.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool – This free keyword research tool gives you data based on what types of searches are entered into Google, and what people pay in AdWords with specific keywords.
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – They offer keyword research as well as a lot more. I only have a free account here, but I really like this tool. If you’re not interested in any of their other free or paid tools, the easy way to get there is SEO Tools –> Keyword Tool.

Email Marketing:

Aweber – I’ve been using Aweber since January 2006. If you want to build lists and be able to email the people on your lists, I suggest Aweber. They make it very easy to do.

Other Tools I’m Using:

PopShops – I use this to create simple online stores. Many companies participate, so you just click to choose what products you want to promote, and don’t need to think about linking to individual items.
StatCounter – A great free tracking tool that will show you a lot about visitors to your website such as where they come from (URL as well as city/country), how long they stay on your site, and so much more.
Google Analytics – Another great free tool from Google. This will tell you where your visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your site, where they go, and more.
Keypass – I use this free tool to hold all of my passwords. If you think you have a lot of passwords now, just wait until you start signing up for affiliate programs!
WinSCP – This free FTP program will make it easy to move files between your desktop and websites.
Evernote – This is so much more than a notepad. You can save audio notes. You can also highlight & save things on websites. I always have this free tool open.

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